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a- Subtructure
    Stream Betterment Construction
    Sewerage Systems
b- Superstructure
    Administrative Construct

a- Gasoline, Gasoil, D2 and Lpg international Marketing in corporation with Lukoil Co. & Euroasia Group LLC.
b- Improvement of old oil wells in Azerbaijan in corporation & co-venturing with American origined Trans-Global Petrolium Co. since 2009 October 1.

Agreement Phase in Combined Cycle Facility ( 1500 MW at 150)Project in Azarbaijan & Iraq between Trans-Global Power Associated inc. based on co-venturing contracted signed at 2009 October 1.

International trading of all kind of iron manufacture
International trading of Chemicals
International trading of Industrial Products
Food Production,Machine and Lines
Packing Materials and Machines
The raw materials used in the food sector
Margarine and Liquid Oils
Prepared food stuffs and Conserve
White and Red Meat and Machines and lines about this subject.

Our company has 400 million Euro credibility by an European Bank ranked in the first world five.

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